[Techno] Auf Los - two Renoise tracks on vinyl :)


I am very happy that a new vinyl EP called “Auf Los” is released onthe label Form & Terra Recordsjust this weekend :slight_smile:

The original called “Auf Los” (A1) and “Perleffekt” (B2) were made with Renoise completely. I used sample tracks and midi tracks controlling external synths, VST effects, but no VST instruments.

Besides these tracks, Remute and Einmeier made great remixes of the original track.

I would be happy if you listen to it, and of course also if you give feedback. :slight_smile:



a1 Auf Los

a2 Auf Los (Remute Remix)

b1 Auf Los (Einmeier Remix)

b2 Perleffekt


Available here:

The record is available in a lot of record stores, for example on junoor decks.de, more links on the website of the label Form&Terra.




congrats man :slight_smile:

congrats man :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

diggin the remute remix!

And the Perleffekt is very nice!

diggin the remute remix!

And the Perleffekt is very nice!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Also thank you very much for your SC support!! :slight_smile:

Yes, the Remute Remix is really great. Remute just had released an EP called “Limited” on 7" vinyl and the clue: a 3.5" Amiga Floppy disk is included, with Amiga Protracker modules. Really great idea:

Remute on Bandcampor on hhv

Also thank you very much that you like the “Perleffekt”, i am really happy about it. I just saw today that this track was mixed in a dj-set by Eric Svenson, so if you like you can listen to it in a nearly full version -> here(starts at about 42:30 :wink:

In this DJ set you can hear the original A1 in a longer version at 57:30 :slight_smile: