Techno In 3/4

Well, it isn’t quite mastered and finished yet, and I might still want to change the ending a bit so it’s less monotonous, but I want some feedback on this one:



VSTi’s required for the RNS:

Both VSTi’s are free demos, and will work for 15 min or so, and the VST-host needs to be restarted. Must buy, I guess… hehe

I’ve got some other traxx on hold, a d&b co-op with a violinist is one, and some ambient game music are others. But the latter will most likely not be presented here until I make some kinda megamix of it all…

Hey Sagosen!

I see you’ve got a new Avatar picture… shame that, I kinda liked that other picture hehe :rolleyes:


Listening to your tune, and it’s a strange mix, it starts off as sounding as a 4/4 beat, but as soon as that bass-drum steps in, everything gets a little confusing…

It becomes sort of a struggle between the 3/4 drums and the 4/4 piano-like synth…

Very original :D But still, it is a bit awkward listening to, maybe because i’ve never heard something like this before.

About the Claw :) I think you can get it for free here


PS: Lykke til med flyttinga til Oslo :)

Thanx Dufey! :)

Now, about:

The old avatar is how I USED to look like, this is my current face and has been for over 3 years now… Time to move on, hehe…

yep, I went for the originality, took a while for me to get used to it too, actually! Never heard anything like this before, was looking for a while, but gave up. I mean, where can I search with the +3/4 +techno criteria?? Ah well. More will come in this style from me anywayz. Hope more artists will follow.

Vel, oppdatering av info oxo, eller? :) Bur i Oslo, har budd her siden januar… Trudde ingen las infoen min, eg… hehe

Oh and btw, if anybody finds this interesting (the track that is) and feel like finishining it or adding anything, ALL my music is opensource and free and i dig when ppl do things for me. I’m a lazy bastard… :rolleyes:

Hey Sagos!

Haha, wow, you changed alot!!! Look like an undercover agent B)

Anywho, about the track, there is a Norwegian Trance/Dance tune out, I heard it once on the radio, and it had a 3/4 beat, and it was OKAY, actually, but it didn’t have that mixture of 3/4 and 4/4 that you had :) And if you looked for it and couldn’t find it, but wanna hear it, then hey, making it yourself is the next best thing right :P Maybe even the best thing, because it’s so much fun


Yep, leste info’n din på profilen, håper du liker deg i Oslo :) Og at du ikke har blitt hekta på kebab slik jeg var en periode… er ikke sunt vet du :lol:

Gleder meg til å høre den ferdige versionen :)

Det er bare så varmt her nå… Liker bedre varmt vær utenfor byen.

I do look like an undercover agent, dunn I… :D

Btw, I changed a LITTLE thing in the end that was TOTALLY wrong (the bassline… Anobody notice?)

I’ll render it again and upload it… again… with the same names. So just download… again… in about 1 hour after this post or something.

Tho I gotta ask, are there anything I should change that ppl noticed? Cos I kinda like the ending as it is now and I’m wondering wether I’m gonna leave it like this… Unless somebody wise tells me otherwise.

Og dufey, hekta på kebab er han ikkje, sjøl om eg var det ein periode… Dvs, hadde ofte lyst på men kjøpte veldig sjelden likevel… hehe… Fordelen med å bu LANGT fra nærmeste kebabsjappe!! (Prinsdal)

Og martinal, det ER ALTFOR VAAARMT!!! :)

Men torden er verre.

All VSTi’s from reFX are pretty cheap and are infact very good so I guess they are all worth the money… :)

Okay, it’s now up again. Better rendered (sinc) and higher quality. And stupid mistake at the end finished… :)

Think I’ll leave it at this!

It has some interesting elements, but I think you would benefit from lowering
the pianonote duplets. The other parts of the song is “hidden” behind them,
and this sort of ruins the overall impression, and the tree-against-four rythm
doesn’t come clear because of this. I had to listen very carefully before I got
the 3/4 beat, which is mostly held by the bass. With some extra work, it can be an interesting piece.

Also, IMHO it could do with some more variance: I don’t really like too repetitive music. (But this isn’t the worst I’ve heard when it comes to that though).

Oh, and if you want a fancy word for that four against three rythm here,
it’s called “hemioler” in norwegian, and probably something similar in english. :)
This is when some instruments play in a different time signature than the rest,
here the main time signature is 3/4 while the piano plays in 2/4.

so we`ll call it speed waltz .

i haven’t heard this song (yet), but if you want to hear another example of a 3/4 techno track (that works), try ‘gel lab’ by plaid. ignore its intro though, it’s nothing to do with the rest of it B)

Thanx for the post, Martin. I tend to leave songs quite monotonous and call them finished, guess it needs a little rehash. I’ve been listening myself deaf on the track, if you know what I mean. Really like it as it is, but that’s just cos I’ve grown on it somehow… hehe…

Maybe leave this as the “original” and make a 1.5 version?

am I the only one who can’t download the song?

I’m interested because in my early years as a composer, I’ve experimented a lot in dance music with odd tempoes (such as 5/8, 3/4, and so on).

Waiting for better net-times… :angry:

The server is… wrong… somehow. Gone bad. Smells kinda… I will upload it to some other server later, now I’m off to bed. Martin, could you help me out here…? :) you’ve got the latest version…

Kristian/dyneland neste…