Techno-Ish With Some 2-Step On The Side

when i switched from the 2-step (halfstep?) to the 4/4-rhythm it messed up the mixing which i guess is a bad sign and when i listened to it on my headphones there was some unwanted distortion and the low frequencies were terrible. i think i fixed it but if you can give me any feedback concerning the mixing i’d be very thankful.

Maybe it is because I’m just awake, but I’m not hearing any distortion here :slight_smile: , the mix sounds balanced enough, not any proportional irritations, volume or particular frequencies/stuff too loud as far as I can tell. About the song, I like the dubby beat, sounded a bit dry though, maybe you can play around with some reverb on the snare? Automate it to emphasize sections, variate tone, width and send value over time? Try out different compressor setting to give it more punch, maybe find a good vocal hook etc Enough options :)

thank you for the feedback. it’s not the first time that you comment on my dry beats so i’m going to ask a lot of questions in this post, some of which are newbe-ish. PLEASE bear with me. :)

to give you an idea of how i approach the beat mixing:
normally i put a little reverb on the hats which can be “wet” because it’s mostly high frequencies. sometimes i put some reverb on the snare but with caution because it sounds weird when it’s too spacy. i’d rather use two snares or a snare+clap/hat combination to give it more volume. maybe a small reverb with almost no delay is the way to go? i don’t put reverb on the kick because it makes it sound muddy, especially with other low frequency stuff in the mix.

i use compression on individual tracks to make them louder without cliping. sometimes i just cut the sample (like a noob) if i want them to sound a bit more punchy. i also have a maximizer on the whole beat to avoid cliping.
do you think compression on the beat would improve the sound or should i try to get the individual tracks to sound punchier?
maybe some overall EQing?

on top of that i mix each track to about -3dB and add 1 to 3dB to the sounds i want louder so i don’t top 0dB.
do you think that’s practical or should i go up to 0dB and use the +3dB wiggle room?

so i should automate the different elements of the song to individually bring them more to the front when needed?
hmmmm, just to make sure we are on the same page … tone = pitch/cut/resonance, width = panning, send value = volume?
is this variation you think of pattern-wise or does it span over the whole song?
i.e. i variate the volume of my hats but only for one pattern, then the variation loops. :confused:

i’ll experiment a little bit more on this track. if i come up with something decent i’ll drop you a message, if that’s ok with you.

Yep, check out/play around with Renoise’s native mpReverb, send value = mix, the dry/wet balance.

eyyo, all of this is a matter of taste and that is hard to debate, there is no definitive right or wrong, rules you stick too, find out what you like musically and experiment. Don’t hold my shady taste as benchmark please :slight_smile: