[Techno] Mar io - We're Living For EP

after the vinyl release by Mar io on Form & Terra Records and the mini album “Listen to my heart” on Broque there is now the latest EP by Mar io called “We’re Living For” auf Form & Terra Records. :slight_smile:
On the EP are two tracks from Mar io: The original version of “We’re Living For” and a new “Morning Mix” from the track “Through The Night”. In addition, the vinyl has generated so much positive response that even more remixes of Ucleden, Peter F. Spiess and me have emerged, so that a completely new EP has arisen, which now complements and completes the vinyl release in digital form.

It would be great if you have a listen to the complete tracks here: :slight_smile:

The EP has just been released and is available here:
beatport, juno, spotify oder itunes.

If you like to listen to the vinyl:
Mar io - Through The Night EP or discogs


Thank you very much! Wow, this is really an awesome review on soundcloud! It is great that you took your time and listened so carefully to all tracks. I am very happy that you like the mixing and the tracks iteself, thank you very much again! :slight_smile:

Yep this is Techno alright.Good tracks especially Through The Night (Morning Mix) i liked the most but all of them are pro quality

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congrats on the release im going to check for it on spotify on my way to work :slight_smile:

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I enjoyed it!

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Thank you very much, this is great :slight_smile: Nice that you like especially the Morning Mix. There is also a video where Mar io is tweaking some of his gear in his garden in a relaxed way. With the sound of the Morning mix :wink:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for listening and your nice comment :slight_smile:

Great music ! Done by Renoise only ?

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Thank you very much for listening and your nice comment! :slight_smile:
I can only speak for my remix, and yes it was completely done with Renoise :slight_smile: <3

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