[Techno] Meowflakes - Mercury Streets

I made an album dedicated to sailor moon and this is one of the tracks on it. I used 909 samples sampled from tape and a polysynth and sailor moon samples. It was really fun track to make. I used things i don’t usually use, like the hydra which is actually really useful, the possibilities are endless. I learn something new every day! I also used my TB-3 which i just lately started incorporating into my studio process. I think this one is more of a jam type of song, I could have literally made this track 20 minutes but i stuck to almost 8 before i got carried away


Beautiful work which is made with love. Sound is quite hypnotic, I remembered at once how hypnotic Sailor Moon was. She literally blew the mind of the entire generation. Drums and bass are groovy and charming with their positive vibration. Great work, both sound and art, as well as the realization of idea. Congratulations!