Techno Sounds / Juno's

what do you guys use when you want a vintage 90s techno-rave sound? do you find samples from a real juno on the net or do you use that (discontinued) junox2 vsti? cause with renoise i can use both at the same time and it sounds awesome.

There a lot’s of VSTi’s out there…

I use Superwave, Vanquard, FM7 or impOSCar

…or the real thing, I own a 106 and Alpha2, the big disadvantage is that they don’t have Midicc

Alpha Junos (I own one) and subtractive synthesis in general won’t produce most of those sounds. The majority come from samples (a chord tone out of context). The classic stab is an orchestral one, but there are countless others that can be created. I suggest trying to load up some mp3s in renoise then copying out some tones into new instruments for that ravey sound.

I thought Rouser wanted a ‘hooverish’ sound. If he wants the ‘stab’ sound (Altern8, SL2, 4Hero) you’re right.

A lot of those old (delicious) sounds weren’t coming directly from one single synth, they were almost always processed, resampled, processed some more, resampled again, etc, etc., until you finally end up with a totally mental sound.

It’s similar to the way groups like Noisia make their insane basslines by constantly resampling what they do. Start off with just a very simple sound from , throw some filter sweeps or LFO’d filter on top to give it some movement, eq it a bit, sample a long note from that, process it more with some different filtering and eq, maybe a touch of overdrive and flanger/phaser, sample again, filter that again, etc.

Getting really wacky sounds is actually quite simple if you just let yourself have fun with it. The difficult part is knowing when to bloody stop! :dribble:


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I use Vanguard with a lot of presets by and some own stuff :)

i’m i the only one who thinks the Junox2 is better than that vangaurd thing? that juno, anyone who has that in their vsti-arsenal has no excuse not to make some sort of 90s rave song! has a nice plugin now: Firebird. That thing just ROCK! :yeah:

Seconded! Nice little synth.

Sorry, I heard of this piece from you @ Beatslaughter :)

Btw: reports a LOT about plugs :)