Techno tracks made with Renoise!


Iam quite new on this forum, but i am using renoise for quite a while… This program was THE answer to al my problems in Trackers like Madtracker…
Finaly i was able to make music in high quality with the proper effects and VST plugins.

I am in contact with several labels, and soon i am going to release some work made with renoise…

One thing about renoise that’s not that good; The registering procedure!
I live in holland so the registering procedure is not that easy.

Got curious about my tracks? Just click the link to listen some techno music ala Adam Beyer, Marco Carola etc… (all made in renoise :D)

click to listen!


just checked your “syntaxed”, which is quality-wise easily as decent as the stuff released on eg. drumcode is.
hq detroit/tribal techno, thumbs up - exactly my cup of tea. :)

and being resident in germany, i gotta add that i also have my problems registering renoise, especially because i ain’t got no creditcard and acquaintances that have one are too scared to give away their number on the internet because they’re afraid of getting ripped off. :(

Force supreme, could you please upload your songs to the renoise song-page? B)

Or at least the ones you’re most satisfied with :P

~Dufey (downloading some of your songs now)

try to explain them that, when they go to the restaurant and give their credit card to a waiter, they’re not giving it with a cryptation algorhythm applied on its number. -_-

I’ve just realized who wrote the post :)
seems like another “old boot” joined the ReNoise community ;)

well, you probably don’t know me, but I’ve heard about you the first time ages ago.

Who cares anyway :D :rolleyes:

Focus: Whoa, just opened Random Rage, kickin’! I’ll download 'em all and add them to my fav playlist… This rox!

…dinkadinka… B)