Teenage Engineering Op-1 Video: Walkin W/ Jesus By Spacemen 3

Been in kindof a video making mood lately.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m guessing there might not be too many spiritualized/spacemen3 fans on this board. However, a few people may be curious about what you can do with an op-1.

I got one recently and am still learning the ins and outs of it, but here’s a (really rough) cover I did using it:

Pretty much all op-1 (+ 1 bar kaossilator loop + 1 bar guitar part + vocals, all of which were recorded onto the device).

To quote the infobox - technically, the mix sounds like shit, it’s really sloppy and there were definitely a lot of “oops, fuck it” moments, but I suppose that’s the tao of the op-1. Didn’t get to the bridge, but given my vox capabilities I decided to quit while I was ahead.

Feedback / questions welcome!

Gotta to admit I am lusting for an op-1 …need something portable …verry limited amount of synthesis parameters been bhlding me back from getting one .
How is your experoience with the op-1 ?

wow this thread is ancient. Yes, the synths are all op-1. The fact that song construction is based on sound-on-sound rather than sequencing maxes it ideal for mixing of electronic and live acoustic/vocal parts. Since this initial experiment, I’ve put up a few more op-1 tracks on my soundcloud page which are a bit better imo (see below).