tell me what you think of 'em

These are the stuffs I’ve done since last December, previously I was doing guitars in collage rock bands… sort of.

Renoise is the only daw that I actually used, was trying to find a creative sampler and sequencer, R3 does it all (and more) at a great price. Big thanks to the Devs.

So they are all fragile part ideas and loops that didn’t try to go anywhere. I found myself not having enough vision yet to develop complete tracks, so just kept them as they are and recorded a shuffle mix.

First clip was built upon samples from previous band; the Second was mostly weirdo ITB synth/beat stuff; Third one wild cards.

enjoy, (watch out volume, it’s not mastered)

*edit:link removed for further development.

Thanks for the kind words emre_k !!

I checked out the first one. Sounds really really cool and fresh. Definitely keep it up and force yourself to make them into full songs.