Tell The Riaa To Suck It Today!

Hey hey!
from slashdot: is organizing a call-in campaign for today. People around the country will be calling high-ranking RIAA officials to deliver the message that DRM is an unacceptable restriction on the freedom of consumers and citizens. DefectiveByDesign will provide the numbers to call when you sign up. This action should attract the people who thought that Apple was not a good target because it is the RIAA that requires DRM and those who think that wearing HazMat suits is obnoxious. Everyone can vote with their dollars, but that doesn’t tell the RIAA why they aren’t getting the dollars. With a few thousand people signed up already, they will undoubtedly know after today.”


somebody posted the numbers to the slashdot comments:

Brad Buckles RIAA USA (202) 857-9607
Mitch Bainwol RIAA USA (202) 857-9651
Cary Sherman RIAA USA (202) 857-9632
Mitch Glazier USA RIAA (202) 857-9673
Neil Turkowitz RIAA USA (202) 857-9647
Steve Redmond BPI UK +44 (0)20 7803 1324
Peter Jamieson BPI UK +44 (0) 20 7803 1311
Matt Phillips BPI UK 44 (0) 77 3951 4963
Michael Haentjes IFPI Germany +49 (30) 59 00 38-0
Peter Zombik IFPI Germany +49 (30) 59 00 38-0
Jean never Foitzik IFPI Germany +49 (30) 59 00 38-23
Herve Rony SNEP France +33 (1) 44 13 66 66
Graham Henderson CRIA Canada 1 (416) 967-7272 ext. 102


i think it would be cool to continue to call them days, weeks, months after this date :)

Can’t agree. I don’t think harassing people is the right thing to do.

It isn’t.

whats DRM…?

Digital Rights Management

eg: iTunes enforces a system they call FairPlay where when you buy music you get a .m4p file which is encrypted to only play on that machine. You can set it up to play on up to X other machines but basically it’s a huge pain in the ass.

Hymn Project
The Hymn Project used to be called PlayFair :lol: but I guess they changed the name. It will strip the protection from the file so you can play it back as you choose. I used it once quite awhile ago and it worked very well.

Though they hadn’t managed to make hymn work with iTunes 6 mp4’s last time I checked. There’s another app though, I can’t remember the name, that captures your soundcards wave output to a file, and it works 1:1 perfect with iTunes.

Ahh it doesn’t work with the current version eh? That sucks. As I mentioned, I had used it once quite awhile ago and it worked nicely then.
With my soundcard I can select my Stereo Out as my recording source and record that but seems like that would really work for 1 or 2 songs. Converting an entire album that way would be a lot of work. ;)
Hope they’re able to defeat it again or Apple decides to be less gestapo with the files.

That’s right, the only thing to get this idea off the market is just ignoring the products that support this protection.
If they figure out this method ain’t profitable from those products, they will probably cease using it eventually.

Let’s just make some music and spread it for free without encryption techniques to give the consumer a good alternative.

I’m with vvois.

Yeah… the internet music scene is catching up with corporate music VERY quickly. Pretty soon, you’re going to start hearing free creative commons music played on radio stations, and people are going to start downloading way more (actual) free music than they’ve ever downloaded before. AFAIC, anyone spreading their own music freely is doing alot more damage than piracy is to the corporate shit music industry. :yeah:

Although I agree, that DRM is criminal and the buying customer is f*cked if he buys this crap, I don’t think it makes any sense to call those officials.

I guess, music industry will destroy itself pretty soon, because through Internet, the artists can sell their stuff alone.

This is a really smart thing!

You can listen to a song for free for a couple of times then you have to buy the song to unlock it. I think the artist decides how much he wants the song to cost and the artist gets 50% of the cash.

You can send the song to other people if they buy it you will get a % of the money if you where the one who sent it to them and the artist I think allways get 50% or something like that whenever the song is sold.

Unfortunatly it´s a bit to slow really well. But the idea is great.

I think a combination of all the techniques mentioned in this thread would be the best way.