Temp file Xml Recovery

is there a way to add the data saved in a .tmp file to a functioning Xml or recover whats saved in there somehow else? (especially envelopes^^)
I have been working on a song for quite a while when my OS crashed.
Unfortunately Auto-save was not enabled (now it sure is) and no crash-backup was saved.

Technically yes. It’s possible (if tedious) to create an .xrns file by hand (it’s a zip file with stuff you can assemble).

If you have an intact Song.xml that’s a big plus.

Hm, how tedious would it be?
I have an intact save and two temp files which should contain what i did afterwards (i guess). But they are about 2 and 1 m lines long.
If i could fix these temp xml’s so Renoise would open it and i could copy and paste patterns and automation data out of them that would be great