Template For Pulse Meter Variations


Just wanted to see if this is useful to anyone else or if parts of it are disputable in order to make it more fluid.

Audible Sections A B C is located at column 1 2 3. I’m using a short one shot sample for a metronome that you may change in pitch or volume. I’ve muted those columns and lowered the track volume by default.

Non audible Sections A B C located at the fourth column are just information explained by the following…

Section A (fourth column: volume)
only 2
only 3
Ex: 4/4

Section B (fourth column: pan)
2 and 3 part 1
Ex: 7/4 (moving 2 and 3 around variates it more: 223 232 322)

Section C (fourth column: delay)
2 and 3 part 2

I don’t write on the templates, I just pick, for example I 7 from a total of 14, double up and make one of them “unique” so I get a clean copy to work with.

I’m sure some meters are unnecessary, so delete what you think doesn’t work. Its 8 LPB… shrink and expand accordingly.

I’ve categorized them in Roman numerals because of synching vertical poly meters… something like that, it was a long time ago. I actually don’t experiment much with vertical poly meters. (standard definition of vertical, not the Renoise definition)

Keep in mind… how pulse meters are sonically perceived depends on tempo.

This thread might be useless, if it can’t be deleted… here are some related topics in 2009.

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