Tempo Changing Question

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using Renoise for little a while right now, i want to know one thing about the beatmixing: I’d like to know if there is a feature for mixing 2 tracks witch that the mastertempo doesn’t change (like in acid or playing your songs on a CDJ 1000 with mastertempo function witch doesn’t effect the voices/tones when you pitch up or down )
Is that possible in Renoise? if so please add your comment.

thanks in advanced


Do you mean timestretching? I don’t believe it’s possible.

I think timestretching yes. are ther no VST PLugins Available for having this same effect? or maybe some other tips or tricks?


See my thread on batch file timestretching. I believe the couple mentioned in there both run as a vst version. Think it’s Waves Timefactory and Prosoniq Timefactory.


Such software was released in Japan yesterday.
CHRONOStream Ver.2

I’m disappointed a little that it’s not a VST-Plugin and the limitation of the demo version may be pain.
But the time-stretch is high quality and groove parameters are Unique.

Though the quality is a bit inferior, only about time-stretch, Audacity(not a VST-Plugin too) can do.[Effect>>Change Tempo…]