Tempo Sync Frame Rate (for Slow Machines)

Hi there folks,

I just had a thought on aesthetics for us financially challenged slow machine users (me P4 1.5ghz with crap video).

Renoise can reduce frame rate of pattern sequencer for performance boost.

However, I find it distracting to be to low, because at low frame rates the pattern editor jerks down the screen out of time with the music, and it’s affecting my groove, yo. (Even when I’m not looking, since movement is picked up by peripheral vision).

Aside from the drastic measure of turning off the screen (god, no!), how about…


y’know, like tempo-synced lfos and stuff, where we can divide the frame rate so that it is still in time with the beat. Perhaps an option to refresh every x lines

It doesn’t have to be exact, but preferably not dancing to a different tune as it is now.

Thanks for listening!

Interesting idea…

This would only work on really underpowered computers up to a certain BPM though, right? I mean, if you are working at a high BPM (or a normal BPM at a high speed rate), your computer would not be able to keep up…

Might want to just get a better computer. Even a few hundred $ can get you something much better than the thing you are using at the moment…

Nice idea though, all the same.

A few hundred $$$ is something I don’t have, but I guess it was worth a shot all the same :)