Temporary Directory?

Often I’ll be working on a project just for fun with no intention of saving. If I’m rendering files to the disk, will Renoise erase these when I quit and do not save? Or is there a temporary directory I should be cleaning out every now and again?


Renoise by default picks the main song-folder where you save your other projects into. You can change the location to save rendered song-files into, yourself and after you did that, that location will be the default from then on.

I should have clarified what I was asking - I’m not rendering the whole song to a disk, often just a pattern or a loop I’ve made to a new instrument. I might make a bass sound or a drum loop and have Renoise render that to a new instrument. It’s these files that I am curious get deleted if I quit and don’t save the project. I don’t want to end up with a folder somewhere of fragments and wonder where my disk space is going.

Then you are not rending to disk. Renoise runs fully from RAM memory, there is no from/to-disk streaming so rendering sections only puts it into RAM and creates a new Instrument for it. You are going to have to manually save your Samples or Instruments!

(EDIT: Bad typo!)

The answer still remains the same if you use the Render to Disk dialog to perform this.
for the Render To Sample or Render plugin, Renoise uses the system its temp folder.

I actually forgot it was Render To WAV if you are doing a Sequence Selection, which does go to disk (and uses the same dialogue as Render Song.)

It shows you exactly where it is going to save it to before you hit Start and the location is always the same place as the last location rendered (not some default location.) I have suggested it be the same as where you loaded the song as default, or possibility to set a default location for each time Renoise restarts, but so far it does not behave in either of those ways and there is no Temporary location.

Thank you for your posts. I’m sorry to keep having questions about this. So if I am selecting a portion of a pattern and using the “Render Selection to Sample” function, is it loading this into RAM?

Thanks again!


Awesome, thank you so much.