Temporary Remixta Shoutcast Hosting

Last time I did Renoise live broadcast I ran the shoutcast server directly from my computer, and with barely no advertising at all, I almost ran into my bandwidth limits which are pretty low for home internet.

I would like if more people could listen to the show, but for this I would really need some server with stable connection and enough bandwidth to host the broadcast. I do this only once a month and the number of listeners will be capped to 100.

What I need:

  • A preinstalled shoutcast server or Linux machine with SSH access and two ports opened from firewall.
  • Required stable bandwidth: 64 kBps * 100 = 6.25 MBps
  • Max possible transfer per month: 6GB
  • HDD space: <1MB

If anyone happens to own a server that can do all that, and he doesn’t mind sharing it with me once a month, I would be very thankful. I will give some promotion to the sponsor of course with ad space and mention in the show. :)

Please consult ToS of your provider when on managed hosting. Some forbid shoutcast hosting.

Nobody? :(

www.renoise.com maybe? B)

Would work for me. :)

Although, last time I went on air the renoise site was hacked… ^_^