Tenda - Confrontation

Hey everyone,

Just finished this psytrance song which has aggression, beauty and some chilling. It’s made with Renoise 1.91 and with some vsts. Hope you like it? Constructive critic is appreciated.


Tell me what you think. :)

Respect for the scene,

  • Jussi

Halo! Nice melodyes, rythmic and atmosheric! U music is realy cool but u know what i think about u music.=)

very nice indeed. i like it !

– codec

What’s ur reverb unit?

When the first beat comes on the ambience should really change, now it sounds like two different songs are playing together.

I use native renoise reverbs and classic reverb. Mostly the native reverbs are good enough for synths but for good shorter reverbs that sound like a room or something I tend to use classic reverb with strong dampings and just adjust the room size so that it sounds nice.

Thanks, Suva, for a good tip! :)

I see. Nice work.