Tenth Dimension


hahah! Highly entertaining!

the narrarator thoroughly reminds me of the seemingly ringmodulated voice of the vague blur in scanner darkly. :)

I don’t agree with most of it after the 3rd, as I do percieve physics changing properties at higher dimensional aspects.

very awesome though!

was pretty thought provoking.

I would add. the actual ability to see our concept of seeing the future is completely subjective to each one of us. meaning from my experience we are only really allowed to see our own possible futures through our own eyes. some futures are not excapable while others are glimpses of possible futures. since all of this, is taking place in a place that is only as real as one percieves it to be; not physical, physics completely change, as each our perception’s are the only real basis to provide data.

yea choice, very valid point. But still very entertaining :P

It looks like it could be a good book.
the inherent value of imagination intertwined within the video does garner much appeal.
embedded the vid for you. :)

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But if they’re having issues describing dimension 10 as a complete dimension because it doesn’t branch out further, why not have it connected to the zero dimension, that would give the other dimensions foundation to exist, that way each point connected to time would have a station. If the higher dimensions exist in what … Les merthey call infinity then it would only be complimentary to suggest that infinity is a loop that has no end or beginning, just like the Gnostic serpent eating it’s tail. It would also make time travel more of a possibility because each individual state time would be contained in an infinity loop.

I think part of problem existing, roots within the theory of the big bang. All because of the possiblity of the many big bangs before this, speaking similar in terms to how our moon is continually waxing and waning.

Time travel. In many of our world’s ideologies the denoted theory of the 4th dimension is currently widely being used. As most of this planet’s population. our current society we are taught to think of the future & to plan for it, instilling in us a desire or non-desire to physically manipulate this 4th dimension envelope, while being mostly very blind to the physical mechanics of it. Peering into the 4th dimension and back into the 3rd. we could possibly see actions as taken place. We could have some abilities yet very limited abilities to manipulate the 3rd dimension, and also the added the possiblity of denizens of that domain to keep us from or help us with this. Essentially we would need to work with them. As they would have the inherent abilities of their domain at their beckoning. Along with very plausible interaction with denizens of higher dimensions.

In the many ways they could lightly manipulate this 3rd dimension. the simple act of learning, focusing and daydreaming methods/concepts/mechanics of time travel could possibly alert them to an individual mind, thus possibly & plausibly achieving that individual’s goal.

nice animation :) but he makes a few jumps I can’t follow, starting at the 4th dimension. maybe the book is more in-depth :)

I’ve bought the book a while ago. Didn’t have the time to read it yet. Thanks for reminding me. :)

I can’t tell you how thoroughly I didn’t understand that video.

it’s a method of enveloping things: box in a box in a box in a box in a box~

what the video does is allow ways of inserting holes into these boxes to allow more boxes to pass through not only those boxes above but also these boxes I just wrote of.