Terminal Dusk Komonazmuk : For Real / Love 12" Released!

For Real / Love promises to be the hot release of 2007. Solid beats, driving bass, and atmospheric textures define this two track 45RPM 12″.

For Real begins with a simple beat; swelling into an esoteric dreamworld that eventually drops into a bass heavy rhythm. After rattling your chest with deep bass tones; the esoteric world is quickly reintroduced and then taken away as you are dropped deeper into the sub-levels of bass.

Love is a twist into the darker side of dubstep. Swishing noise and female vocals introduce you to the heavy bass and creeping rhythm. As the beat drops you are cornered by thick growling bass, desperate strings, and an echoed vocal hook. This track is destined to become a 2007 dubstep anthem.

Check it out here: http://www.terminaldusk.com/td012

Grab your copy here: http://www.terminaldusk.com/store