Terror Panic Chaos

Terror Panic Chaos


Terror Panic Chaos

Oh, and terror, panic, chaos.

Some nice stuff in there :)

Do I detect some Swedish House Mafia influences? Maybe it’s just me, but the part around 3:30-4:00 kinda reminds me of: http://youtu.be/PkQ5rEJaTmk?t=1m55s


Thanks. And no, there are no SHM influences whatsoever, since I never listen to them, ever. I hear the similarity, but it’s not exactly a very orignal chord pattern, so it probably sounds like lots of other tunes in that respect. Terror Panic Chaos is meant to be tongue-in-cheek :)

I expected some tuff trance boom boom boom :)

nice one

though your drums need more punch (distorsion,parralel comp, layering all the usual suspect)
your bassline is pretty cool

Actually, I think something not so good happened to the drums when I mixed the track for putting it on Soundcloud. I’ll re-do it.

Tomorrow I’m going back to my folks for christmas with no opportunity to check out 2.8 beta 3. :(
In the mean time:


Like the oldschool breakbeat vibe in this one :drummer: