Testing Remixta Stream

This thread was for Remixta live stream testing. The testing is finished. Thanks to everyone who participated! :drummer:

Added m3u to Winamp playlist and it didn’t load, skipping past it to next song I have queued. Haven’t tried the others…

the one without extensions works fine in the browser as well as in VLC, but m3u doesn’t work for me either (it wants to connect to localhost huh?)

Clearly shouldn’t have this as the stream URL should it?


Will check http://suva.ath.cx:8000/remixta (which the above url for m3u should be) once last couple songs in the EP finish.

EDIT: See Johan has noticed that too :)

Thanks, will fix it, but can’t do this without restaring the service.

Edit: Apparently I can fix it without restarting the service. :)

Tried the xspf with VLC and it is also looking at LocalHost.

“Your input can’t be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘http://localhost:8000/remixta’. Check the log for details.”

Okay, testing is finished for now. Thanks to everyone! :)