Tetrahydrant - Evolution Of Consciousness (13 Tracks)

Here’s a collection of tracks by me, made in renoise ofcourse.

This is the first producting experience im experiencing.

I’ve been working on them for quite a while now and im starting to like how they sound more and more, learning alot over the past years, ive managed to draw influences out of other music styles i enjoy and tried to encorporate them into a jungle / DnB / Dubstep kinda thing.

Best listened to when stoned, but ofc thats not a must :P some spacey tunes in there.

Here’s the link to a megaupload file, 13 songs in a .rar extension:


Influences: Amen Andrews, Megaman music, pot, the flow of creation, all kinds of artists from all kinds of genres too. :P

EDIT: The download is a bit sketchy sometimes(as in not working temp), so please if you knwo a website where i can upload 40mb for free, tell me then i will provide a proper download for it.



Thank you for the share. Currently downloading from that awful website which is Soundcloud (one song at a time, that bites).

I’ll provide some feedback on your tracks shortly. Take care. :)

Some nice tunes but doesn’t really seem to work as an album. Especially as some of the tunes just seem to oddly finish at what doesn’t seem like it should be the end of the track.

Downloading now… Will report back in a bit.

Soundcloud: //Oops, looks like we can’t find that page!//


Sorry the set was removed.

It wasn’t really intended as an album i guess, but jsut a collective of tracks i made so far :) im no where near being able to produce a proper album.

theres some new breakbeat tracks on the soundcloud link here, i think some better produced stuff. hope you liek it, all tracks are avalible for download.