Text/ring-Tones On Android

I am about to make some text- and ring-tones with Renoise and I am wondering if any Android-owner could tell me if you can add your own and if so, what format should they be in?

On an iPhone the tones has to have a specific file-extension and be in a specific file-format for it for work. Does Android have anything similar or do they just use a MP3 as is?

I don’t own an Android device myself, but I know for a fact that mp3 files will do the job!

Although mp3 is a propriety format and has patents (hence why Renoise can not support it natively) it seems Vastique is correct.

Had to check though, as most Linux distributions can not package the mp3 codecs due to licensing, but with Android being Google and mp3 being the most common audio format these days to not have it as standard would of been quite a blow to them.

I also don’t think you can say all Android phones will work the same. Some Windows Mobile need 8bit mono wav files, others want mp3. Same OS, different phone. I would be surprised if this isn’t the case for un-rooted Android phones.

Adding text tones on Android is tricky, as it needs the files (format doesn’t matter btw; can be .wav, .mp3,.ogg, whatever) to be placed in special system folders. Ring tones (for calls) shouldn’t be a problem though…
But there are a bazillion of apps solving that problem. I use “Rings Extended” on my stone-aged Android 1.6(!) phone.

.ogg is the prefered format but almost anything should work.

Thanks for the replies, guys!

I don’t own an Android myself so that’s why I asked. No length restriction on the mp3’s (to use in Android) either, I guess?

only the capacity of the phone limits the size as far as i know.
only been messing with it for a few weeks though so im no expert and could be wrong.

Ask Apple!