Tft Monitor Resolution Question

Just a quick question for anyone who might know.

I have just bought a new tft screen with a resolution of 1280 x 1024. I would like to run an old game on it with a lower resolution. The trouble is that this monitor stretches the lower resolution to fit the screen. Ideally I would prefer to have black borders and use less of the screen for a better picture.

Does anyone know of any software / method that will allow me to do this?


on the one hand recent tft monitors do an amazing job on interpolation. you wont see much aliasing artifacts when scaling an image up to the native resolution. On the other hand you can tell windows not to scale the image but to center it using native resolution. If i recall corretly it was either the windows native driver support which offered various scaling methods or it was the nvidia driver itself…

Thanks pulsar I will look into this!

Hi again Pulsar,

I have been unable to locate this option, checking both windows settings and nvidia through XP control panel, any extra tips on this much appreciated if possible.


If anyone else has any experience with this aswell would be very interested to hear about it.


What kind of monitor is it, which manufacturer, etc.? Check if it has some kind of hardware mode especially for this. My Dell LCD has a 1:1 scaling mode which does exactly what you need - shows the image at its true resolution in the center of the screen surrounded by empty space.

Which game? Is it something very old that runs under DOS? If it is, perhaps running it with DOSBOX will provide a few extra options? Not too sure on that myself though.

Unfortunately my monitor does not have this option. It is a samsung 913n syncmaster:…j19estsbedc.asp

The game is Escape from Monkey Island not dos but does not have resolution options either unfortunately.

Was hoping that there might be a software that could tell the monitor to do this but have searched google with no luck at the mo.

Cheers for your help anyhow dblue

DOSBox seems to have a few interesting looking options for configuring the screen:…sbox.conf%2Fsdl

I think should look into the “fullfixed=true” option a bit more. I noticed on another forum some guy said “If you use fullfix=true in DOSBox you can fix the resolution at 640x480 or 800x600 to reduce the stretching, although it’ll just occupy the middle of your monitor (you get used to it).”


Gah, sorry, I didn’t notice the “not dos” bit tucked away in the text there. I just assumed it was DOS because Monkey Island is pretty old.

Nevermind! haha.

damn… i could not find it now either. i am REALLY SURE i have seen this feature before. It was like 3 options to choose from : monitor scaling, graphics card scaling and no scaling.

Maybe it might help to install the correct monitor driver (no, i am not joking, is an artifact left over from win95 times where ddc was just an unsupported buzzword).

use ScummVm. Greet the 3 important looking pirates and give stan a hug if you come across them.

Tried installing the new nvidia drivers but still could not find the option. New samsung drivers also.

The ScummVm only seems to support the first two MI games but is still good to know about :) May see if I can find an old copy of them sometime.

Thanks for the replies anyway