Thank You For Renoise! It's Excellent!

Hey All,

Sorry if my post is off-topic, or annoying in any way … But I just wanted to say “Thank You!!” for everyone who develops Renoise and to all the users who support it. This is, by far, the best tracker I’ve ever used. And i’ve been tracking since the early 90’s. Starting off with ModTracker, moving up to ST2 and ST3, then Impulse Tracker…

I’ve spent countless hours hanging out in #trax, I’ve befriended C.C.Catch/Renaissance (and even did a co-op tune with him!! which was a blast!), Leviathan/Renaissance (who gave me music theory lessons) among a few other notable trackers back in the day…

I recently decided I wanted to see how things are going in the scene, and jumped right in and tried a bunch of more modern trackers … This one takes the cake … Its freaking amazing! I’m going to learn everything I can about it , and hopefully write some awesome tunes for me and my family’s enjoyment :)

Happy tracking everyone!


Draygen (aka Brian Wallace)

Cheers, and welcome to the community ;)

I would also like to thank all the people working with Renoise development and in this community. I just started my composing hobby and tried all the usual DAWs (Ableton, Sonar, Cubase, Reaper). I truly hated the piano roll and after struggling couple of days with UI and plugins, I decided to try Renoise (although I thought it is “just a tracker”). Suddenly my VSTs, synths and samples worked seamlessly!

And the Renoise UI is really user friendly. You don’t need any stupid manuals. Great community sharing lot of information in case of problems is enough.

Renoise is excellent, thank you :)


Ooh, a shout out. :] Renoise is amazing. One, because it is a great forward-thinking tracker. Two, because the developer actually listens to our feedback. I’m still a little surprised that Renoise (Windows) received x64 support before Ableton Live.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen the moniker C.C.Catch in like, 14 years or so. I used to dial into Ryan Cramer’s board waaaaay back.

I’m surprised about ableton too. It’s weird - they took a big chunk of the daw market but have been so quiet since Live 8 - it’s been over 3 years (yes I know about 8.3 & max4live etc… still…)

it can also be a fair competitor to sequencers in general ;)

PS: welcome aboard

Ah! Hey Kenny ;) I’m pretty sure this is you =) Still playing Sojourn MUD? lol … joking. …

I agree, as far as the developer(s) listening to feedback. I’ve noticed that a lot of the features were ideas that came from the community… That’s a HUGE plus in my opinion, and probably a main reason why the app is so slick. I haven’t been so addicted to an an app like this in well over 15 years, to the point of literally waking up and running right to the computer to drop a few tracks before I head off to work. I love it !

Oh , … and yes - I’m the crazy nerd that randomly called you because you were crazy enough to put your phone # in your early MTM releases LOL… I hope life’s treating you well!


Hahah - yeah , I used to dial into Ryan Cramers BBS constantly as well …My poor mother , I rang the phone bill up to way over 800$ purely calling RC’s BBS, there was another one - Guitar … Something ?? I can’t remember. And of course some BBS’s in Finland , all on my uber 14.4kbps modem. Ahh the good ole days!! :)

Yeah, I’ve used Ableton here and there over the years. But like most of the tracker community moving over to piano roll just doesnt seem to work for me. Besides , I really love hexadecimal and always end up missing the speed at which I could manipulate sounds with it.

Not off-topic, not annoying. I support this message! :)

It’s nice to see these topic pop up every now and then. Seems to me that Renoise has the most content users in the world.

Indeed! Such a pleasure, so amazing to read such comments. Especially but of course not only, because this is far from normal in the internet: usually the anonymity leads into bashing and shitting on each others. For some reason this never really happened here for us.

So a big thanks from here too!

What a great thread.

Thanks everyone… Not only is this hands down the best DAW I’ve ever used, it has the best community I’ve ever seen. So, I finally bought Renoise and maxed out my last credit card. =) It was worth it. I can’t stop playing around with this app, i’m hooked… And I got my 6 y/o, 9 y/o and 11 y/o kids hooked as well… Love it…

thanks to Renoise being multiplatform, I am currently enjoying making music in my garden using my four years old Linux based laptop. I’m creating a very CPU intensive song using no external plugins, but the CPU doesn’t seem to suffer that much ;)

I am Cas and I approve of this message :D

Bought Renoise as first music app, now I think about it, first software that I’ve bought ever. Still the only one if that’s true. Bought it after about 3 months, trying it out after FL Studio, Cubase, Reason. Tried Ableton too, but I just can’t let go of the flexibility that the Renoise FX chain has. Even though I see new things that could be added to the program every other day, it’s so damn awesome already!! I’d like to say that if you master Renoise (I’ve been on the beat making grind full time with no money), all the other music apps are a piece of cake :P.
I’m bringing an instrumental EP out soon made completely in Renoise.

I should not only thank the developers for their work, also all the people on the forums with great tips, the tool coders, etc are appreciated.

Get out.

… Uhm… No? ;) Not sure if someone with the name “Toyb0x” saying “Get out.” on a rather pleasant , friendly, happy thread can be taken seriously anyways… But I guess the trolls cant be avoided no matter how great a community is.

‘Draygen’ :w00t: