Thank You

Everyone working on Renoise… Do you realize what you’re giving people?
I’m sat here listening to sketches i’ve done since 1.28. I’ve just released my third 12" EP, and i recently played a show in Holland, and am looking to play Tokyo in May. All this for 50 euros i paid at a whim ages ago.

I can’t think of a nobler cause for anyone than to give others the ability to create art or do what they love. It’s a ridiculously low price mark; to me it literally feels like a steal.

Thank you guys, for letting me work my art in a way that doesn’t work against me. I can’t imagine a world without Renoise. Honestly, what the #%(¤/" would i do? Thank you.

second that

Renoise makes me want to live longer, so I may translate my mind art more & more on this wonderful symbiotic software canvas

sunjammer i’d really like to know if you’re playing in germany maybe this year, i missed the auf:bruch last year where you played… it’s a duty for me cuz i really love your music! :w00t: :yeah:

third that!