Thanks Afta8! You saved Renoise for me!

I had to make a separate thread for this. I’m sorry about that. I had completely given up on Renoise unless the Renoise team was going to add a particular option. Afta8 is awesome! Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!!

Thanks, you are very kind :D

Keep on trackin!

So how exactly did mr. afta8 help you…?

EDIT: Scratch that. Did my research. :)

Just read through the thread. You were producing some great stuff years ago, glad you’re back to make more.

I’m also glad you found your way to keep on using Renoise, as I also appreciated your past stuff.

Renoise has been evolving a lot since version 2.5, and the addition of scripting really pushed it way over its limitations. We were hoping that our community would have created great tools which helped people with their specific needs, and this has been another proof of how our hope has been satisfied