Thanks for channel grouping

Zoom around in that pic, its wonderful. Look at all those channels. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM.

But seriously, I can’t thank the Renose devs enough for putting this feature in a couple of revisions ago. Its opened up the system like there is no tomorrow.




P.S lol

Yes, and you can group, within groups, which I just find to be, “totally amazing.” Its taken my drum mixes to a whole new level.

How many groups could a group track group when a group track groups grouped tracks.

Group has ten marbles, on the first day his producer takes away one, on the second day his producer takes away two, on the third day his producer takes away three, how long will it be before group loses all its marbles?

Indeed it opens up a wide range of possibilities, and hopefully the developers are aware of them all. :)/>

One such future possibility would be if we could import .xrns songs into group tracks (and also export them from group tracks). Such imports/exports would enable us to build a library of self-contained stuff that could be instantly loaded and re-used in other projects, saving huge amounts of time. Not to mention it would also make it easier to merge songs and give new life to all those saved-to-be-continued .xrns files that mostly just collect dust on our HDDs.

Renoise currently allows six levels of subgroup nesting, so obviously upon export there would have to be some dialog box imposing restrictions on the number of nested tracks such a export .xrns could contain.

I love grouping as well. One minor change that could help with using it is to allow hierarchical uncollapsing. Right now, the behavior is asymmetric - I can collapse specific layers, but uncollapse always uncollapses the whole way down. This lessens the usefulness of the hierarchical organization, imo.

Yeah it irritates me a little bit, at the moment the current system is useful enough. I would too like to be able to expand and collapse it in the way you mentioned.

Good point. Not sure why we did it like that, will fix for the next version.

YEY!, A dev speaks about “next” versions. There is hope yet. Even Peter Kirn doesn’t know what the hell is going on (I asked him lol)

Groups +1

They’ve really cleaned up my way of working in Renoise.

Yeah, well m0d I guess thanks for asking for the feature :D
Friggin huge resolution screens help proper composition too tho. Just got back from the 1366x768 laptop !@#$ to a CRT at 2048x1536. :)