Thanks for the included samples! (in r3)

i really, really like the samples included in r3 beta. especially the snares sound great (and usable!)
i downloaded loads of drum sounds in the past, but the more i collect the harder it gets to dig out the few samples i actually like. the r3 factory sample collection might be quite small, but it simply ‘works’ :) at the moment i’m really playing with the thought of limiting myself to the included content and the sounds of my mfb nanozwerg in order to finally do more composing and less stupid sample browsing.

I agree, the new drum samples are very usable. Thanks for including them!

The New “Acoustic Guitar” Instrument is awesome. Just opened it (without knowing that had given it an overhaul) and it’s one of the best sounding virtual acoustic guitars I have heard so far…

I was just toying around, and yeah, the drums sound great.

I agree, the drums sound great! I thought the snares were a little too short at first, but I realized that’s because they’re all dry samples. Sound great with just a little delay or reverb.