Thanks to all Renoise dev

hi all!

This is completly off topic i think but i’d like to thanks every renoise dev (as tools dev of course) to make to soft magic!

I fall (again) in the audio jungle from last month and since i like to mix, i’d like to produce little time -or more who know- and searching for the soft who fill the best for me. While every dj/prod i’ve told, most of them uses from fl studio to live through logic & prod tools. BUT no one talks me about this incredible Renoise :(/>

Renoise appears to be the best for me! By its huge flexibility (allowing tools), you can have all of these into one soft.

From Cells! (don’t catch everything about yet) to Clip arranger through Step sequencer (THANKS!! help me to reproduce a little intro from LMMS to Renoise).

Oh yes, LMMS because i’m a linux addict so even i tried ableton on windows, i can’t imagine working on this OS (OSX also btw… ^^) and the other great advantage and not the last is that Renoise is multiplatfrom! Great move here! I won’t list all of greats features of Renoise here but keep it going like this. Now i tried some of DAWs, i know i had to buy renoise!

Again, thanks to all dev and renoise team to be attentive at their users. Having developped a little in C, java;…, think it’s time to me to look around lua lang :)/>

I second that, Renoise really is a wonderful product and I am glad to have some professional software on my linux box which I can use on my Windows laptop too without any changes.