That New Audio Vis Window, What Is The Name?

the name of it completely eludes me, I use to know the name of it but now I completely forget.

I want to read up on it so I can work more with the stereo expander and other devices so then I can figure out how to do the spatial stuff it helps work with.

Phase meter?

that’s it, thanks dBlue!

check this one out for reading up on phasemeter:

Thanks man, that is full of information.

I’ve always wanted work with bass that creates little designs.
There is a demonstration of putting a tiny mirror on a speaker cone, then bouncing a laser off of it. Seems this is can be the exact representation of that while using the stereo expander with the right percentage for the sound.

Now I just need to figure out how I we can do binaural stuff, without any microphones.
would be great for pads, vox and tighter drums. Seems this phase meter would show that pretty well, if it’s in the same axis.

hoping you’re talking about making cool animations with the phasemeter. in that case you might want to check out this thread:

load this and check it out in the phase meter:

it kind of jumps up and down with the 808 on, if you solo the hoover bass it kind of does the hypnotic rings

also, in the disc op hit “more” then f7 a couple times to big window phase meter.

this is pretty much the closest I’ve gotten so far.

should be a contest held for creating the coolest phase meter animations. :P

yes! oh i’m so glad someone finally picks up on my ‘reverse soundsculpting’ idea. i hope you will eventually find yourself at a point where you focus completely on creating the visuals, lose yourself in the visuals, then suddenly wake up out of your trance and realize you’ve just made a bloody fantastic piece of music.

i made a raindrop:

i also tried to animate two, but it didn’t come out quite as nice:

btw. you need to amplify both samples by +6db to see it the way it was intended

Here’s my preemptive entry then :D

tonight i stumbled upon a phased bass, which resulted in a single bent infinity-symbol spinning rounds. [check out the xrns here.]( experiment_bassphase_104.xrns)

@noby: what the… damn i thought mine was pretty impressive, but that shit is insane. did you just rip that off youtube or really made it yourself? really hypnotizing video, my head is spinning like hell.

Haha, thanks. Yes I made it myself after realizing how interesting patterns the ringmod device creates, and then combining it with other effects. Also, the phaser I forgot to show on the video, it creates some interesting figures as well.

wow, that was really really cool.
i’m going to add this thread, and my own EQ Envelope Artwork thread to my Renoise CheatSheet, because both ideas (in my mind) are awesome. i’ll add a link to this thread in the Envelope Artwork thread so they are intertwined, so to speak.


Renoise: Also a 3 dimensional realtime graphics tool

Best phase meter ever: HERE you can’t really see it though. And you have to subtract the difference of sounds in your head.

so using the dc offset device, the stereo expander, and the tracks width and panning, we have 3d audio?
the dc offset device and stereo expander works like a stereo imaging placement device, and we get to see the placement because of the phase meter.
while the ring mod device is able to create the geometric designs.

I guess some of this wouldn’t be easily heard without a Dolby 4.1 system?

I’m having trouble figuring out what axis this is working at.

Say for instance you place a sound right at the top of this meter, if you were wearing headphones would the sound be directly in front of you or directly above your head?

oh well, still not really sure.

So found out this visual representation of sound has a couple different names. I think one could be vector scope, but “vector scope” seems to be more realted with video. at least that’s that wikipedia makes me believe, also just putting scope after phase like “Phase Scope” works too for dfinding info.

I made this the other day, I messed with it for hours probably, just zoneing out on it:

dose some wild shit! :huh:

I also found out what we are doing here mainly is an art form of crazy haired electronics gurus. B)
Whether you guys previously knew this or not, I didn’t, but it’s very super cool!
it’s called Lissajous figures

the principles are the exact same thing with the laser to mirror to speaker setup I started the thread with, people do this stuff with harmonographs

I imagine you’ll all be interested in this, then:

Made in Renoise on a real oscilloscope in X-Y mode (basically an analogue phasemeter).