That's The First Application...

First of all, I wouldn’t like to be treated like a spammer :)

3 weeks ago, on polish musicians usenet group I joined a topic about format converstion and suggested one of my friends to include Renoise Instrument format into his conversion tool. I must admit, that I was thinking about converting my collection of commercial AKAI sample CD’s from native format into something more useable. I dropped Cubase VST 5 years ago and I’m happy with Renoise at this time.

We exchanged some emails with taktik (thanks for support dude, It’s great that you have still some free ;D time ) and today I received (because I’m registered user) the new version of EXSC that supports XRNi format and works great.

You can google it by yourself, as I wrote above I’m only the happy user of this application and I think that’s a great example of producent & customer collaboration. I won’t answer any questions about future funcionality, I know that it will be expanding with Renoise Instrument format and that’s all!

Two screenshots from latest release:

70 € is a hefty price considering that I seldom need to convert a sample (thats like 1,5 time the price of renoise itself), but I guess there will be people who find it useful.

this will be very useful when XRNI will be multilayered. maybe adding it now has been a bit too early, anyway is still great to see Renoise listed on such a known application!

As I mentioned before, I was tired of workarounds to use old sample libraries and that was the main reason why I asked Wlodek to add XRNi format at this time.

When you export (for example) multilayered Drum Kit program, that has 5 velocity ranges, EXSC will output 5 full key-zone drumkit renoise instruments - one for each velocity level. It’s easy to load 4 or 5 drumkits and randomize their instrument number on pattern track plus assign groove style.


I’m ready to think about “light” version dedicated for Renoise with all input formats and Renoise output format. If anyone could be interested of this thing please write your comments about it here.

Wlodek (ESC Developer)

Btw. There is an interesting thing implemented to XRNI -> XRNI conversion. It doesn’t touch any instrument parameters but only samples. We can use it to tweak loops or rewrite/edit the sample content.

wow wow wow… am I getting this right…?
this program can export a VSTi soundbank to XRNI…!?

sorry if I don’t get it, it’s late in the afternoon of a day’s work, plus I’m blond and a totall digital asswipe :D

I’d be interested in a light version or even better maybe a promo like done for the Wusik users? Could use that too. :D

Renoise supports VSTi plugins directly so we can treat this function as additional/experimental thing here :slight_smile:

Hm :D

You can make it export a choosen row of samples and then export this batch to an xrni indeed.

aaah okay I see, thanks for the enlightment :)

I was already dreaming of exporting edirol orchestra database as xrni…
samples have their advantage at times…

yeah this software is the reason I’ve wondered why anyone would like to run a sampler inside renoise…

Came across this awhile ago but had forgotten the name , so thanx =)

interested :)

awesome :)

Sorry guys, unfortunatelly I haven’t any idea to this offer :(
And I’m afraid that promo option is not technically possible here.

Unless something like ESC Lite but it could be very reduced:
SF2, SFZ, GIG, AKAI, EMU, KONTAKT, HALION -> Renoise export
Only patch conversion, without vsti, hardware, audio converters.

If there is no way to do a promo, maybe you could think about adding Wusik import and would be an upgrade path available? Just in case one wants more later.