The 80s on Renoise

I am not quite ready to do this, BUT if anyone of you is able to do this I would like to hear it.
Can someone of you do Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling - YouTube Lionel Ritchie - Dancing on the Ceiling in Renoise?

This would be great!
If noone does it I will give it a try when I am ready. =)

By the way there were a lot of extremely great tracks in the 80s. How about a competition? Who rocks a song of the 80s best in Renoise?



I love the 80s music and want to make that stuff too, really hope that kind of music will have a big renaissance. I’ve got the Arturia plugins and they are very helpful for this with many emulations of classic synths that was used back then.

I’ve tried study it a bit and was surprised to realize how much the layered sounds even back then. The mixes were quite flat right with less lows and highs. They used tape machines a lot back then and it changed the sound quite a bit, so that’s a step to have in mind to understand how they mixed, I’m using Softube Tape but not sure if that’s the best vintage thing out there.

Check out this guy who’s playing the stems of many 80s mixes, quite revealing

Don’t forget that most music back then was played, not programmed. Makes a huge difference. There gonna be tiny mistakes that make the music come alive. Not to mention the way people influence each other when they play together. That’s where quite a big chunk of the magic lives. And that’s all different from the humanization option in Renoise or swing/groove controls.