The Ability to Adjust Zoom UI Resolution (Similar to Ableton Live)

I did a little searching, but couldn’t find this topic. I am sorry if it has been brought up before. I’ve always loved Ableton’s feature that let you completely resize the resolution of the entire layout. I have made a gif demonstrating what I am referring to, Sorry about the poor quality, but I think you can see what I mean. Anyway, I’m always closing and opening different tabs and sections of renoise, as I am constantly running out of space, and a feature like this would be nice, if it were possible. I would like to keep every section open, and even expand certain sections if I can, without one thing getting in the way of another. Maybe there is something I am overlooking?

I know what you mean - but, I’m sure you could set up your most common views and then assign them to the ‘Global View’ presets - and split them across the F keys?