The Amazing Warble Filter

I’m a new user and wanted to give something back.
A number of you very quickly answered some of my
cliche’ questions. Thanks…
One of my favorite tricks for both mangling sounds and making
drum samples all sound unified is to dump them to cassette tape.
I’m sure this is nothing new to most of you but hold on…
Find a tape that’s been played WAY too many times at a thrift
store. This way it will warble and gurgle. Make sure your tape is junk and barely plays!
Now for the magic… Try running 200 or so
16th notes quickly onto tape and listen to how they evolve all saturated and filtered.
Now record back into Renoise and chop chop chop. Don’t be lazy try it!
Try recording long sustained notes too, mine sounded
dusty and drunk. Hell, try a whole mix…
Hope this inspires you.

cool idea actually. and google for waveknife to cut the pieces automatically when you have re-recorded them.

KAK Great idea! Hardware saturation and tape artefacts adding.
Though about something like this many times, but was too lazy to put into practice…

I really like the look of wave knife! I use a Mac though, anybody know of a similar slicer for OSX?

Basically, any analogue process including put some additional life to the record. You can use line to tape or speaker to microphone multiple sampling, any unique approach gives unique result when it goes analogue. You probably lose quality, but you also lose predictability which is always boring.

:yeah: great idea, and not only for the idea itself; in digging up my tape recorder i found an old mixtape me and a mate made years and years ago
I’m rockin out right now to the sounds of oldcshool badass warbled overcompressed breakcore :drummer:

EDIT: i think this instrument turned out quite nicely - 2 octaves of “mrtramp” vsti, through a tape deck and cut up.