The Amen Destruction Compo.


Simple little competition, take an Amen and make something new from it.
Make a whole song, or just make a 1 pattern loop, whatever you like.

I’ve included a quick dirty example.

There are no rules, use whatever you like as long as Renoise is used somewhere in the process :yeah:
Deadline: March 6th

just to be clear: are we allowed to use just the Amen-sample? or use whatever the hell of samples we like as long as we use an Amen break?

(i’ll see if i can cook up something for this compo… enough time at least)

I assume you’ve heard of/seen this?

Amen Evilution Project: “this projekt consists in producin tunes usin only one sample, the infamous amen break, to build each part, rythmics,basslines,scapes,synth-like sounds…evryfkinthang! expect strong sound manipulations creating tracks rangin from downtempo to breakcore thru abstract sounds and scapes…if u r interested in participatin to the proj, contact me and submit your tracks!”

Hand’t seen that before, definitely going to try to come up with something for that, cheers for the heads up! ;)

Just the amen break. You can process the hits how you like. But it needs to be an amen to begin with.

Don’t know how likely they are to still be accepting submissions (you never know) it started up in 2004. Think I came across it in 05/06ish… No harm in trying, although it does sound very similar to what you are proposing.

Badass idea for a compo. I actually came up with a track about three years ago based on the same idea, but having listened to it again recently, I decided it pretty much sucks. So… I wrote a sequel. Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few days:

My wee effort. 'Tis peaceful, so it is…

Holy tits, that is awesome!
Care to give a little insight into what techniques you used in creating that? :blink:

Really loving this too…
Awesome work!

Yup! Spent about six hours one evening just making sounds from the break and bouncing them all to audio in Ableton. I used a lot of different plugins and sound design techniques for this (including using the snippets of the break as an exciter for the Corpus resonator (in Ableton) and sending certain other sounds through a convolution reverb with impulse responses themselves derived from the break.)

I then opened up Renoise and, with the help of some trusty custom-made Reaktor sampling tools, got down and dirty on the sequencing front and made a whole bunch of complex, interlocking beats lasting several minutes. I then bounced all my tracks to audio and imported them into Ableton Live, for more sequencing and layering. This is often how I work when making tracks. :D

dr beaNBAG : truely weird stuff ! i like it it :)

Thanks! I’m a truly weird kinda guy…