The Api Wishlist Thread

a method for toggling Instrument Properties (below the Instrument Box)
a method for closing Disk Browser and instead having the Instrument Box take up the whole vertical space.

a method for resizing Disk Browser / Instrument Box sizes

and for turning these instrument properties things on/off
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Automation stuff:

  • a method for selecting a device within the Track Automation List
  • a method for selecting a parameter within the device within the Track Automation List.

We can already do this with Track DSP (well at least the device selection), just missing it from the Automation List.

This would be pretty magical. I have a script that would really benefit from this.


-- When true, the middle frame views (like the pattern editor) will
-- stay focused unless alt or middle mouse is clicked.
  -> [boolean]

while this exists, give the same lock keyboard focus for Track Automation. or a way to make the Track Automation focused, maybe not even lock.

Import of Keybindings.xml

Importing Keybindings.xml is a standard feature.
It would actually be very helpful if this could be done with the API.
The only argument required might be the file path.

Renoise has a problem that the key operation system tends to be complex.
For example, if it were possible to import Keybindings.xml by key bindings, it would be possible to change the key bindings set at the same time as switching to the pattern editor, mixer, sample editor, etc., like vim in the editor.

Other application possibilities should be quite wide.
If someone created a key binding set so that Renoise can use a simple operation system like Dirtywave M8, it would also be easy to switch to it.
Even simple additions to functionality have a wide range of applicability, and I believe the impact that can be brought to Renoise through extensions will be very significant.

@taktik Sorry to ping you and make a brazen request. I hope you will consider it. My guess is that it should be relatively hassle-free. Sorry if I am wrong.

I am discussing with @esaruoho in this way in anticipation of those.

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need a way of finding out which modulation am in - i.e. Volume, Panning, Pitch, Cutoff, Resonance, Drive

A fully working, full feature XML lib would be very cool, with support for attributes, searching, just like mentioned here. Or an extension of the Document API with attributes and searching…[].color_blend[].color_blend


so basically a method of using the API to provide content to the pattern iterator


i’ve exhausted my “3 posts in row” limit, so here.

Sample Navigator keybindings. currently not available for binding.