'The Avangate Experience '

Ohh come to me , the other unfortunate soul that is suffering and can’t wait to get his hands on the new renoise 3.0 Beta
Little did we know that the online payment system called 'Avangate ’ wouldn’t let us …glitches in the system …or victims of Phishing …
Long story short …there seems to be another person here who is also having trouble with avangate payment system …and not receiving it’s beta version

I think they likely have a heavy load due to holiday season.
I had my own share the past few weeks with iDeal and paypal (i’m expecting some stuff this week finally but some of it was even ordered the weekend before Christmas!).

Bugger …but the lack of communication from their side is just rude …
Today it has been exactly one week …from a belgian account to a dutch account …

I suspect this is due to the IBAN transition because since Jan. 1st 2014, all European citizens are obliged to submit their full IBAN account number.
Still support on Avangate could actually shed a light on that if that is the case.

You mean since jan 2013
What suprises me is that there is no dutch support , they have headquarters in Holland, usa , and roemenia …but just one email adress for support ,
I just sended them another mail ,and I am pretty sure the person who receives the mail doesn’t even know what I am talking about …
Renoise what …upgrade what .
Now , if the transaction would have been corrupted for whatever reaon , and they are not enable to track it down …I just paid for nothing .


Nopes, Jan 2014, all bank account transactions are obliged to use full IBAN after 2014, this was at least not an obligation in the Netherlands for 2013.

Well i’m happy to see you can start rock and rolling any minute now… :D

welcome aboard! you can now finally complain about Renoise 3 for a real reason :)

I have had a week time to experience it in my head , and there are some nice improvements …still I think the modulation system could be improved .
same Source to multiple destinations is imho a must .
Still happy