The Best Tools For Renoise 2 ?


In your opinion, what are the best tools for Renoise 2 ? Please give me the last version of tools & Author’s Website.

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Renoise is all you need.

Perhaps not…
In some cases you might want to perform midi export which you can do for instance by connecting Renoise to Anvil Studio using MIDI Yoke.


For me it’s koppi’s nanonoise, because it enables me to use the mmc controls on my mpd24 to control the transport in renoise.
pure awesomeness ^^

very general question… it depends on what you need for your music. I could not live without Native Instruments Kontakt 2, but it’s very personal choice

The best tools outside renoise for me are wavelab & zero X beatquantizer (= > recycle2 :slight_smile: ).

I use wavelab for the occasional collage or .wave editing & zero x if I need to mangle some loops to bits for import.

I also have Fruityloops 8, but I hardly have touched that since its release even though I think it is a great program with lots of useful features.

guitar rig 3, because you need some good distortion and overdrive.
I feel that renoise’s distortion lacks quality.

NI Reaktor 5 is what I use alot. The reason is that it has stuff that Renoise lacks. Some reaktor ensembles I’m working on:

  • Samplify: sample granulizer
  • Wayward: V-station influenced plugin with more addons.

More reaktor stuff by me can be found in the NI Reaktor User Library.

Adobe Audition, for both editing samples and exporting finished RNS2 tracks to multitrack.

FLStudio8, I find it easier to create long ambient soundscapes of automation in here.

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pdVST is my secret weapon

How does this combination work for you? How does Renoise fit in the world of PD?

I have thought about rewiring Renoise into max to do note generation or what not…

I don’t mean to upset anyone but,
this page needs to be pruned:

At the very least, the tools need to be verified as to which renoise version(s) they do currently work with, and which they don’t or currently can’t.

Thanks for that link :)

NI Reaktor 5 has been the best addition to my Renoise setup. Indeed it adds everything that Renoise lacks, but Renoise has everything Reaktor lacks… Hex and Macros making love means extreme flexibility in sounddesign! Though I find Reaktor very very hard to wrap my mind around (I’ve only managed to create a very basic synthesizer), but its concept and structure allows for many ways of using it, JUST LIKE RENOISE! :)


Because I don’t own a laptop yet and is great for replicating LPB settings in Renoise on the go or comfort compositions in bed.

Translating it to Renoise is done manually but its not a fuss + I have the option to export LSDJ’s audio and it’ll match Renoise’s LPB settings.

The manual is built in, so I’m not fussing about which buttons do what on what screen and what pattern commands do what.

I have a rom version in my PSP.

EDIT: LSDJ tempo, for example, 150 at LPB 8, will sound faster translated to Renoise…takes some calculation, but I just tap it out instead, LSDJ 150 at 8 LPB is 75 in Renoise…
EDIT: try…
0 5 62%
1 3

Although maybe there is some talented producer out there doing it all with their toes.

You can load the .pd patches directly in Renoise as VST / VST instruments using this.

So far I’ve got a granular/wavlet VSTi patch, and a VST that sends out OSC to another laptop doing visuals (so some VJing commands can be stored in each song).

No, not mine, and preferably wanted the hands the other way around with no ring but couldn’t be bothered to go past page 3 of the image search for the picture ;)

Was going to post one of ears as well but think people got the picture. Not really what this thread was originally about to be honest (although being 2.1 much of the original tools may not work due to changes in song data representation anyway so should have a new thread for 2.5 if people want a serious discussion on it.)