The Bitwig thread


Well… there’s this recently announced rabbit hole:

Also sample content is loaded via packages, so you can keep it lean if you want to… most things keyboard mappable as well… don’t know much about Reaper but Bitwig is slick.

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Is it possible for me as OP to edit the thread title, changing it into “Bitwig discussion”?

(The Empty Self) #23

i bought my copy a month ago im very happy with my decision

but i think i have DAW fever so im self screwed haahha :frowning:

(ffx) #24

Maybe v2.5 next week.

(The Empty Self) #25

with my current plan i think im going to be able to pick up 3.0 as well since its valid till feb 2020 :slight_smile:

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Bitwig Full w/ 12 months currently for 279 EUR until 24. march:

2.5 was released yesterday.

(The Empty Self) #27

fav feature so far its the slip tool for audio !! i use that all of the time in Fl and now i have it here finally :slight_smile:

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Also seems to work on midi clips :slight_smile:

(The Empty Self) #29

do they added support for high dpi ?? i think i see someone commenting on facebook ?

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GPU acceleration will be added with 3.0, people say. 2.5 contains some speed improvements. High DPI always was supported.

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DAW that needs GPU acceleration :slight_smile: It has become the times - I understand - for big epic professional projects makes sence, but how did people ever made music before 1998? :grumpy_old_man_voice:

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Computer get faster, software gets slower (esp. big company’s software), pixel amounts extremely increased, apple made even basic graphics in macos slow and deprecated commonsense graphics standards. That’s why every DAW vendor currently works on improved GUI performance, except those who already did. If the DAW GUI already takes 30-40% of your whole CPU only to draw the GUI (Bitwig 2.4, btw also on Windows), then not much is left for audio generation and processing, Then the DAW pretty much becomes obsolete.

(remsky) #33

Exactly. I do not understand why 3d GPU is needed to draw buttons and such things. I think desktops were pretty much ‘done and finished’ in late 2000s - now they are just reinventing the bicycle with more bells and wistles. Actually reminds me of bicycles - 90ies mountain bikes - more and more gears, more suspension - eventually just to upkeep the bike costs so much - that one just switches to single speed road bike.


The GPU sits closer to video ram (electrically) so generally less wait states. CPU’s don’t like reading/writing to video ram. Example: Why do you think Jay Miner designed a block copier ‘blitter’ in the Amiga? To help free up the 7-8Mhz 68000 from doing long loops to redraw graphic data (buttons, lines, filling windows) to the screen (on a 320x256(or 200) bitplane sized video buffer).
(With the Amigas blitter (because it was low level raw enough with its bit manipulation) the internal AmigaDOS and a lot of routines used it to decode the MFM bits raw from the disk drive.)

Pain/strain in my knees/legs just thinking about going up hills…but I know what you mean that there is ‘nothing new under the sun’ with most things :slight_smile:

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Not only is the GPU closer to (Video) RAM, it’s also heavily parrallel, processing many many pixels at once. The waiting that exists is a different beast too, because the CPU prepares/modifies the data for the GPU and tells it to draw that stuff, and then can immediately continue doing CPU stuff, while the GPU does its thing at the same time. There’s just no contest once you wrapped your head around it.

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Finally 3.0 beta:

Seems like they almost converted all gui to gpu drawing.

(The Empty Self) #37

is there any way to confirm it ?

any setting or stuff that i can check

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It is just an assumption by me. Maybe I am wrong, the GUI performance is about the same as 2.51. Some parts still heavily slow down the gui, e.g. a bunch of opened automation lanes. But the font now is more sharp (subpixel AA?) and resizing and fullscreen seems to be more smooth, so I assumed it is mainly already drawn by GPU, only some parts still are painted by cpu and then transferred to GPU (and will cause a huge lag)?

Honestly, I have no clue. :wink:

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yeah they say in the server that is not happening yet

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i think im going to post my tuts in this thread if you are ok with it @ffx