The Carsipade Enum

Hola, Renoise community!

It’s been roughly nine months since I first touched a DAW and I’m enjoying making music more and more every day, I especially enjoyed making this tune until it became filled with VSTs and effects, effectively taking too much ram, blowing up Glitch and being unable to save the project. Once I’m through with college in a couple of weeks I’ll take up the effort to rebuild this and finish it, in the mean time though, I’d love to see if anybody likes this!

This would pretty much be a slightly too long intro to what, in a perfect world, would be a full-length tune, what do you guys think?




Hi, welcome to noiz
This reminds me of Mogwai alot.
I would say the looped electric guitar sample (?) is a littleeeeee bit tacky, and i would switch it for something else…it does no justice to the beautiful bass sound you’ve got there. The reverb drenched piano is a little cliched too, but that’s not a big problem.
The melodies get a little busy at 2:10. Only a little bit (!!) but just enuf to pull it away from it’s minimal nature. Although i’m not sure you’re even going for a minimal sound since you say it’s a work in progress…I do like it like this though.
IMHO i would have the rhythmic click/rimshot/clave/wotever it is all the way through, or at least try it. It feels a little chucked on.
The most important thing is, though, to keep it simple (if that IS what you’re going for) don’t chuck too many notes in…specially with that delay. Maybe experiment with the sounds a bit more, adding LFOed filters etc.
Anyway, there’s my critique.
Liking it

Appreciate the feedback, I think the piano is rather cliché as well and I’m actually having a friend of mine play the current distorted synth (the electric guitar thing) with her electric guitar, i’ll try the click (plastic box) thing and yes, I am going for a rather minimal nature of the song, but I always am and often I still make it rather messy, I guess that’s what it means to be an amateur ;) thanks again