The Chipophone

!NERD ALERT! :lol:
but that thingee has some style… :dribble:

Looks like a bunch of dubmix beloni to me, but the idea is funny…

quit your hatin’

Did you even look at his site? the explanation seems reasonable to me.

VV, you always had it in for me (don’t make me quote evidence, you know its true ever since I dissed you [privately] via email for giving Kaneel credit for my BB5 remix without actually researching it…and then you subsequently removing the frontpage link to the remix after realising it was me and not a renoise superstar who made it… go on make me prove it I’d love it, just need to quote your responses to my “suggestions” threads before and after, never mind the actual email contact…)

edit: go f**k your mother

edit 2 for maximum justice: I paid for this program, and you benefit from that. grabs popcorn

I’m sorry? Was just giving my first impression only about the vid, that was not meant to be a direct hit at you.

Are you sure you are not mixing me up with Bantai? He is the site administrator (including all the BB content).
Ofcourse you are welcome to express your arguments about this matter in a pm to me, perhaps we can sort it out.
I’m all zen with this.

Nopes i didn’t, like i said, it was a pure first impression comment. Not a hate remark (else i would not state i find the idea funny).

Wow! Impressive work there Linus! Love the Commando-cover. I bet he could make a couple of bucks out of it if he decides to build this machine for others.


So you again didn’t do any research.

But basically, if you have an opinion that counters something I have to say please cite evidence or see edit 1, I’m done sucking eggs and giving renoise whatever free publicity it is in the way of quoting it as the best mod tracker of all time on my own site and also giving away all the music I’ve ever made with it for free and pointing out that I made it with said renoise modtracker on said site, despite the mod/dev team placing shite on me and my ideas every time I open my mouth here.

Read the guy’s site, edit your response accordingly, and I’ll edit mine to say Hey Vince, Love your work. xxx ooo <3 from alex.

Well it is obvious that there is a distinct low quality audio recording (vocal comments) and clean quality audio in the video and it sounds like the clean audio has been pasted across the original recording, i based my opinion on that impression.
If you don’t like that, then sorry i hurt your feelings, but that’s just my humle opinion and also my right to post it. A poor opinion to argue against, but not a reason to attempt to trigger a flame-war and pull unrelevant issues in the debate.
If you have a specific private issue with me, pm me and we’ll sort it out. That is all can give out here.


oooohhh. music.


Well I guess the synth is recorded by audio cable, not microphone.

Old school


that thing and the guy … top. brilliant. gave me memories from the past.
when he started the theme of commando. awesome.
thanks for the vid.

but hey. calm down, both of you. im not even in the mood to google what a dubmix beloni would be.