The Community Spirit Between The Dev's And Us

this is like no other audio software’s own forum, if you had an idea on say a cubase forum, no one behind cubase would give a damn but renoise feels different, there’s some great community spirit going on? anyone else feeling the vibe at the 1.9 discussions section? It’s like the difference between a big chain business and a family run bisiness. You probably think I’m chatting shit but there’s somthing I like about the vibe of us renoise heads together helping each other.

/raises a glass of wine to toast the renoise softies. :yeah:

keep doing what you’re doing!

I guess the biggest advantage here is, that Renoise is not run by salesmen but by programmers and trackerusers. I love the community here and the feedback I get to my music (although it’s trance). The friendly athmosphere, the geekyness and the “smoking is bad”-issues make me feel home.

In fact, I registered renoise a while after I joined this board. The questions I had were answered in a way I understood them and there was no flamewar or similar. There still is no flamewar here, although some questions really, really seem very stupid to me.

The last issue why I really love this community is that I “met” some really talented guys in #renoise on or in ICQ/MSN. That’s why I am really looking forward to meet some of you on evoke…