The Cymbal Sound

Today i’ve found the “Restgeräusche Vol. 2” cd in my collection, the concept behind this cd was, that two artists at two different places started to make music out of noises flying in the air from television, radio and such. The result was very interesting, so i thought i’ll start an experiment myself, but which is easier to accomplish. I had setup a Renoise project with a single pattern playing a cymbal sound at 80 bpm / speed 6 each 8 lines. I’ve recorded the output of Renoise with Audacity and added / deleted / tweaked fx in random order to totally alienate the result. Now i have 20 minutes of tweaked sound, from which i want to create a song, allowed is cutting and additional fx if needed, but no synthesizers or samples which are not made from the tweaked file.

Now my question, is someone interested to participate? It would be interesting to hear some tracks, which are completly based on a single cymbal sound. :D

I could upload the wav file if interest is here, it’s just for the fun, no time limit or such.

The original cymbal sound can be heard here.

A low quality ogg of the tweaked cymbal can be heard here. Be careful with your speakers, it may contain bursts or unwanted noises.

Download full quality sample here.
Download checksum file for comparison here. (right click -> save target as)

Here is a list of programs, you can use for verifying the download with the sfv checksum file: click
Also Total Commander can do this: Menu “File” -> “Verify CRC checksum”

this is very interesting. I’ll try something after I release my next tune (which will by the way be something almost experimental as this).

on a similar topic, you could listen to what NeuRoTiX did on FastTracker on year 1998: Martyr souls invettiva has been made using Windows 95 file as a raw sample, edited and cut in several ways.

You may want to use XmPlay to listen to it, since other players do not replay it correctly.

I’ll upload the full quality wav file tomorrow, so that anyone can download it and start tweaking. It’s around 100mb compressed as rar and around 200mb unpacked.

That tune is really nice, it’s even more musical than i expected, interesting how many sounds can be generated from such a small file, btw, XmPlay is my default player, it even plays the hidden tune. :)

Edit: This is the cd i’ve mentioned above and a description from a shop.

That’s a pretty cool tune.

I’ve done a song containing only the sounds I got from a bunch of corrupt xm-files. And one using only samples from an Arkanoid c64 tape.

I’ve also done a 16 min track with samples from the machines and stuff in a woodshop, then I mounted some lights and performed the track in the actual woodshop to a crowd. The most sucessful of the three IMO.

I’ve uploaded the full quality sample, see first post.

Leeching the hq cymbal now, this sounds like something right up my alley!

A note on this; I loaded several big non-sample files in my FT2-days and found that many actually loaded sampledata from cache and distorted this in the outcome. Quite interesting way of making wacko fx. :)

Hm, I get crc error…

Ok, i’ll check that, maybe something went wrong while uploading. I will upload a sfv checksum file, for comparison.

Just checked the file and it is ok, might be an error while downloading, i’ve uploaded a checksum file for comparison here. (right click -> save target as)

I am interested. Great idea! I cannot wait to get started!

Richard Jonas will have a grand time with this if he participates.

Data play edit comes to mind…

Sounds great so far, maybe we can do some kind of compilation, currently 5 artists are interested including myself.

Ok I need some clarification. You said it needs some fx.

Are we allowed to use any VST effects and or programs to manipulate these sounds or do we stick solely to the internal effects in renoise?

the way I understand it, we’re not limited to renoise at all as such, only the creation of new sounds that are not derivatives of the cymbal.

Yes, use whatever you like to mangle the samples, only creation of new samples is forbidden, if they aren’t created from the cymbal.