The Dead Dog'S Renoise Comp Round 9

I should really get some sleep now. I’ve got 1:09 but plenty ideas for improvements. I hope I’ll get to it tomorow, it’s going to be another looong day. Till what time do we have? 23:59 CET? :D

hurry up! Deadline 12 midday Thursday 24th February.

Not long to get your entries uploaded if you haven’t already!!!

Downloading received entries and one of our entrant’s website is down so I will be keeping it open until I manage to get their files downloaded. (After repeated attempts just managed to get on their home page so may not be long…)

Oh shi-
…well, another unfinished project handed in too late :(

Just about in on time to be included though. Was just uploading and checked back here nobody had got something in at last second.

I’ve been a fool and moved and renamed the original files, rather than copying and renaming, so I’m gonna have to download them all again to work out which is whose once voting is over :-/

Vote pack, as also found in updated first post:

yes! i was afraid td6d did not submit at all, but glad he did it too late. i knew that (especially with the low entry-count of late) you’d allow him in a bit after the time limit. does that mean there are 3 competitors this round? gonna download that shit when i get home.

edit: could’ve used my eyes. 4 people.

Oh wow, I listened to them all a few times, really great work! I’ll elaborate when the voting is over :)

really great entries this round, and even having 4 of them is special nowadays :)

to be very honest: i liked my own best. i listened to all of them twice before hearing my own again (submitted a week ago so i did not remember very well what it sounded like), and i wanted to vote for it. but i didn’t because that wouldn’t be fair.
i am, however, fully aware of the following.

  1. this may sound arrogant. let me just say it was not meant to be arrogant, it was simply honest.
  2. i really, truly enjoyed the other 3 entries as well, and applaud you for both your efforts and your talents, whomever you 3 may turn out to be.
  3. differences in taste obviously apply, and my main reason for my ‘choice’ was that i found some of the other entries quite repetitive, and i don’t really enjoy that sorta thing. i like a song to be unpredictable, and that is why i try to make them that way. (this might be a pre-vote spoiler though but i don’t mind). so with reference to point 2, if you were to ask me for constructive critiscism, this would be my comment.

forgive me my honesty, and i hope kazakore does not mind the little spoiler there.

I hope I voted for you ;)

Well we currently have a tie. I will give 2 and 3 a good couple of listens after having some breakfast (down the cafe I think today) and will announce the winner shortly.

Man that was hard to decide, listened to both tracks about 5 times and both definitely have their merits. Went with no.2 in the end as to me it has more progression through the track.

Winner: td6d

Good job for your first entry dude! Bet you’re glad you made the effort and hope we’ll be seeing more from you. Please get any rules for the next round to me asap (thursday at latest, round will start open with no rules submitted.)

1 - Uav
2 - td6d (Winner)
3 - Mammoth
4 - Rhowaldt

Woot! Thanks for the votes guys!

Uav, I voted for your track. I really liked it when everything came together at 0:32. Reallly groovy!
Mommoth, very spacy. I love the depth, dynamics and space you put in your sounds/ the track. You got me sitting back on my couch and relax.
Rhowaldt, the first thing I thought of when listening to your track was Kid Koala. Great kind of turntablism sound!

LOL No, you didn’t, but I did :rolleyes:
C’mon as if his innuendo with the repetitive feel in the other tunes wasn’t obvious enough ;)

BTW. I voted for rhowaldts entry not because I think the others weren’t good, no, it did it because it was the one that was NOT giving me the impression I am listening to a mod-tracker piece… and because it sounds fuckin’funny :w00t:

Nonetheless… Congrats to the winner td6d ! enjoy the cake :D

ahah :)

It was really hard for me to pick one in particular, so hard I decided to vote random.

I like repetitiveness, sometimes I surprise myself by listening the same foley looping over and over, the strange thing about doing this, is that after 30 seconds you forget the source of the sound, your brain start to look after micro-rythms or harmonic content, and personally I start ‘hearing’ music. But I like to be surprised too and honestly your track (rhowaldt) have a quality that ours don’t have, it has a story to tell.
And by the way, I don’t think there is something bad or arrogant to claim or to vote for the your track if you like it the most.

td6d, congratulations to you!
as i said before, all tracks were really good. i thought uav and td6d’s were kinda similar in their sound, one offering a little bit more in dynamics than the others, but both very subtle and nice. mammoths entry was indeed very spacey and detailed, and i truly appreciated it. funny thing was that, listening to each track, the first couple of seconds of every track i was really thinking ‘i’ll definitely vote for this one’ :)

thanks for the understanding of my statement as not being arrogant. and all of you who commented, thanks a lot for your kind words. i think this is one of the few places where i actually got people who know something about music listen to my stuff and appreciate it for what it is. i’ve said this many many times before, but this is why DDRC is so cool.

now, waiting for td6d’s set of rules and on to the next round!

Good job :), voted for td6d, found the tune ambiance and the groove quite nice, actually got the ‘melody’ stuck in my head, same as üav tune, rhowaldt tune had some very good moments too.

looking for the next one! :)

nice to see some post poll talk and more people coming to the ddrc.
yeah, hard decision this time, great work everyone, it turns out i voted for the mammoth this time.

+1 for the repetitiveness @ üav.
one of my records for the desert island is steve reich’s ‘music for 18 musicians’… :walkman:

damn, yeah, realizing now my comment that ‘i do not like repetitive music’ is not entirely true. i love steve reich.

well, anyway… i have no arguments then. :)

Hey people!

Somebody wants to use my remix for a little video that he made for a contest of Greenpeace.
Does anybody know what the copyrights are of this soundtrack? Since its from 1929…

Thanks in advance.