The Dead Dog'S Renoise Comp Round 9

Winner: td6d

1 - Uav
2 - td6d (Winner)
3 - Mammoth
4 - Rhowaldt

Please download the vote pack from below and choose your favourite out of the entries. Deadline for voting is Tuesday 1st March midday GMT.

Deadline 12 midday Thursday 24th February.

Basically you have this one sample and you can use as you wish within Renoise, utilising all its features. No extra samples or plugins allowed. No recording of external sources allowed.

Good luck everybody.


working on it, going steady, great sample, gives me original thoughts, makes me creative. will probably finish the song tonight.

edit: must say, this has been a challenge. never before have i spent this much time sketching out an idea, erasing most of it, building on the remains, erasing most of it, building on that, rebuilding stuff i previously deleted, and so on and so on, until finally i got to a point where i was happy with it, and was able to finish the song from there.

i submitted the song by PM to kazakore just now.

Two more (and a bit) days people. Hope to get a few more entries in this time ;)

yeah, seems the DDRC rounds were a lot more popular when they just started. would it be that most people do not enjoy doing a compo each week? i know i sometimes don’t feel like it, but i was used to skipping a week when DDRC was still bi-weekly, because i can only make music in the weekends. now it seems there are only a couple of people still competing in the rounds here. can’t name them off the top of my head but if i look through the forums i’ll find out soon enough. i know for sure uav is one of them.

i must say, when these started out i was hoping it would develop into a steady sort of sub-community within the Renoise community, where we would challenge each other with compos and you would have a sizable ‘pool’ of contestants which would ‘rotate’ (not sure if that’s the correct word for what i mean).

well, maybe this will eventually happen in the future…

doesn’t it seem like activity here as a whole has dropped dramatically over just a couple of months or am i just imagining things here?

Currently it’s fortnightly (week tracking, week voting and organising.) Used to be two rounds every 3 weeks, with only two days tracking, which I think confused people a bit but maybe the pressure of such a short time helped them full their finger out…

Making it tri-weekly in the old system for you and that explains why I always get your entries in well before anybody else’s ;)

Too true. The lull around Christmas was expected but not even the promise of prizes for the winner helped it pick up in subsequent rounds. At least we’ve had a new entrant in the last couple of rounds… Only actually entered one myself as well so I can’t really criticise.

Well I’m still hoping. Will have to sort the website when not busy, stressed and depressed. Plus a bit of IRC spamming may help when I have the time. Fingers crossed and still hopeful anyway :)

I have to admit I just couldn’t force myself to play with the sounds, always with Mickey and Minnie in the back of my head… (I still have that Backstreet Boys trauma. :) ) Well, and there were a lot of other things to do last week – the dog in my profile isn’t dead, but she’s really getting old and is very ill since before christmas. Have to see the vet a lot. sigh :(

But I promise I will try hard next round, whatever it will be. :drummer:

@maes: i agree, forum activity has slowed down over the past couple of months.

@kazakore: i’m glad you are with me on this, and i really think we got something great going here. just, as i said before, this stuff should never become obligatory for anyone. so take a break if you need one.

@f+d+k: just seeing your name was an instant reminder that you too are one of the regular contestants. really cool.

i guess all that we can do is just keep going on making music in the DDRC rounds, and hope others will follow us. i for one am really enjoying the compos and listening to other people’s creations as well. looking forward to the entries for this round.

I agree with rhowaldt, take a break if you need one kazakore.

Now dealing with the small number of participants for each rounds I think it’s only because there is less and less people here in the forum as maes said.
Small idea but what about doing a small mailing list to inform people to the rules for each rounds?

I’m thinking now that extending the tracking time is also a bad idea ( even if I claim that one week would be better )
I participate to the ironchefofmusic competition where the tracking time is set to 2 hours and there were more competitors than any Dead dog competition.

I don’t know… people doesn’t seems to be motivated enough too, or they are just afraid to show what they can do.

Rapidshare is giving the following msg…

Unassigned file limit of 10 downloads reached.

Got a mirror?

Same problem here. Sounds like a good challenge doing while in class ^_^

I hope megaup will work

Like a charm, thank you kind sir.

Phew! As I hadn’t downloaded and rehosted this time. Does Rapidshare always limit to 10 downloads if you’re not registered now or something? That’s new to me…

That’s new to me too there is probably a thing to tick I didn’t see!

Yurp, downloading.

24 hours to go people. Better get cracking!!! ;)

It’s been a long time since I had so much fun with Renoise :D first half hour on the project

yes! that’s why we love DDRC!