The Display Of Vstfx Sliders In Renoise

Can’t the display of VSTfx sliders be changed like VstAutomateDevice?
In the current display method, over the 16th parameters are unrecordable on the effect column.
It is because it can input only from x[0]yy to x[f]yy.
(Of course, I see it can record infinitely by using automation, though.)

So I consider that it is better to have enabled it to change the turn of a slider arbitrarily like VstAutomateDevice.
Even if VSTfx has many parameters, it can display only minimum necessity.

How do you think?

Yeah I would like this also. Would like the changes to be reflected in the automation window as well, so the order remains the same verywhere.

One vst I notice this most of in dBlue’s Glitch, where I mostly change which effect is in use by changing the probability. Now these are spread out and requires a lot of scrolling up and down to get to them. Would be really helpful if you could group them.

What I would really like on top of this is the possibility to display multiple automation curves as different colours in the same window, but lacking this it would be almost as useful with them in the pattern editor, as at least you can see them at the same time then, but with them being so far down the list this currently isn’t possible.

Plus for some reason I’ve never quite managed to get the copy between automation envolope and pattern editor to work, although I’m sure I’ve read it’s possible…