The Division - Synthwave/Electronic/Demoscene style


This is a new track inspired by the atmosphere of The Division game. A first collaboration for the break on the guitar with a friend.

VST Synth : Spire, KorgLegacy, Predator
VST FX : Glitch2, RigGuitar
VST Violin in background : Native Instruments Action Strings
Guitar “Lead” : Me
Guitar Glitch Break : a friend with his guitar :slight_smile:

Good listening !


Absolutely fabulous!!How is that game?I have the first division but never played it

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thank you veeeery much Stoiximan !!

I love this game in this post-apocalyptic universe (I’m talking about Division 2).
Many activities, action, multiplayer online. It’s really a very good game i started since few months

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Nice song… I see you use Spire, don’t you have this render issue too where Renoise send a note-off immediately after the first note of Spire in a track?

Division 2 is a great game, probably the best i have ever played… tho haven’t played many other games lately beside the occasional CS:GO.

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Hello Garf ! thanks for your listen :slight_smile:

Spire first note : same issue for me…

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Sounds really great; the guitar is blended in so well with all the other good stuff.

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Thank you for your listening and the compliments Jek !

Niiiice !!! Thank you !! So cool !!

Many thanks NoiScale :slight_smile:

Very demoscene style, that’s right, but if I have any comments - the melody in that tune is very economical, conservative, “safe”, without anything special - just correct without bad notes, played within one octave and that is not enough. It should be much more extensive. Don’t be afraid to create harsher themes! That’s just my opinion of course. I myselft spend lot of time when I want to create some nice lead solo, so I know that is hard and I’m not talking that I can do that good (that doesn’t mean I can’t review someone else’s song, right?). :slight_smile:

Good luck! I’m happy that I heard at least something normal, not modern ambient-electro-whatever without any melody. :slight_smile:

Hello XTD ! thank you for your listening and advices.

it’s true, I could have developed the solo more, I didn’t even think about it … I would pay attention to that on my next tracks in this style!

I’m glad that I didn’t offend you by my comment.
Feel free to criticize my songs too if you want. :slight_smile: It’s something that always helps.
And I’m waiting for some new songs.

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