Any Reveal Sound Spire users here?

Spire from Reveal Sound is my best sounding plugin but Renoise always renders like Renoise has injected an immediate note-off on first note played. (not happening at very slow BPM)

Does this happen to you too? This is so ffn frustrating having to make a ghost pattern play phantom notes of all the spire instruments in song, then render WAV out, then truncate first pattern and crap crap… it is frustrating to the point where I suppose I have to buy Serum and ditch Spire. :frowning_face:

Sounds like the auto suspend mode is enabled. Then the plugin goes into suspend mode as soon no more sound is processed by the plugin. When you then play the first note, the plugin needs a short moment to “wake up” and this can cause such issues on the first played note.


Thanks but no luck, it still renders like there’s a note-off sent no matter what setting has been set.

Does the plugin introduce some latency? VSTis can do that, too. I wonder whether Renoise takes that into account or not…

I saw in your video that you are using not the latest version of Spire. I see it, because it has still the old preset popup list. There’s a new vesion out with a new much better preset browsing system and the update also has some bugfixes. Maybe this update can solve your problem.

Nice observation hehe … but I have updated after making the video and it still happens on latest version.

Can you render just fine??

I tested it now here. And you’re right. After rendering to song there’s a small “gap” on the first note on Spire. And after some experimenting i’ve also found the issue. It’s the poly mode of Spire. If the mode is set to other modes than to Poly 2 then you get these “gaps” on first note after rendering. If the mode is set to Poly 2 then all renders fine and there’s no gap anymore in the rendered file. It is definitely a problem with Spire, not with Renoise. Seems there’s a bug in Spire’s poly mode.

I can’t reproduce it, it happens with Poly 2 too. Maybe you changed something else?