The Double-Cd Immortal 4 - Game Music Remixes

I have not seen this news appeared here [if yes, sorry, please delete it], so here I go:

The Double-CD Immortal 4 is the 4th strike of the popular Immortal series. Once again producer Jan Zottmann managed to gather the celebrities of the golden homecomputer age of the Commodore Amiga and to let them re-arrange the unforgettable music of legendary computer games using all the latest studio technology. The catchy melodies once played by a handful of 8 bit samples now experience their rebirth in a colorful mixture ranging from a complete rock band to the fully-fletched synthesizer-setup.

The two filled-to-the-brim CDs feature no less than 35 newly arranged songs (about 158 minutes) of Amiga videogame music. Most of them have been created by their original authors - trademark of the Immortal series. We couldn’t even stop them to play live-instruments, you’ll become earwitness when Al Lowe himself (Leisure Suit Larry) is playing the saxophone, Jon Hare (Cannon Fodder) being back at the microphone and Dave Govett (Wing Commander) hitting the drums.

Numerous classics have been rearranged, such as Lemmings (Tim Wright), Turrican 2 (Chris Hülsbeck), Flashback (Jean Baudlot), Gauntlet 3 (Tim Follin), F17 Challenge (Nicola Tomljanovich) and many more. Exklusive new versions were contributed by well-known demoscene musicians, such as Romeo Knight and Jogeir Liljedahl.

In order to provide consistently brilliant audio quality the CD mastering was done by Pauler Acoustics again, just as the predecessor. That’s the very same studio Chris Huelsbeck used to master his legendary ‘Turrican’ album back in 1993 :slight_smile:

p.s. my song “The Capital Punishment Remix” is placed as 8th song on CD 2 [all done with Renoise, of course].

You can see more on this link:

Nice tracks, very clean sound :)

That’s not the only mix created by Renoise. I did the Turrican 2 Desert Rocks remix ;)

Hooo great :)
Turrican 2 “Desert Rocks” - Hülsbeck, arr. White :) You are here too. I`m happy.
All best :)

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wooot sounds very nice!